Paws n Claws

Comission a Portrait

To comission a Portrait you can simply e-mail me your request along with if


possible a digital photo of your Pet or Pets, otherwise post your


request with a paper photograph.


Images should be clear and crisp and natural, showing as much


detail as possible, especially the eyes, sometimes this is difficult


if working from old photos if your Pet has passed away. Upon


receipt I will let you know if I can work from your image, I will


always try my best in these circumstances.

Minimum Portrait time is approximatley 3 Months, but you can


always contact me for a progress report, or you can request


images of the Portraits progress to be put on the Web Site. I will


try and give you an estimated finish date but can't promise.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any Questions prior to


Comissioning your Portrait, with obviously no obligation.